Blue Lock Chibi Pins Set – Bachira Isagi Nagi Character Buttons

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Unleash the spirit of passion and drive into your day with our exclusive Blue Lock Chibi Pins Set! These aren’t just pins – they’re a symbol of determination, featuring the bold and beloved figures of Bachira, Isagi, and Nagi. With each Blue Lock Character Button you fasten, you’re not only showcasing your love for the captivating Blue Lock Manga series, but you’re also embracing the essence of each character’s journey to greatness.

Feel the pulse of the game – Bachira’s agility, Isagi’s strategic mind, and Nagi’s unmatched finesse – right at your fingertips. These Blue Lock Collectible Pins are crafted for the fan who sees beyond the pages, for the dreamer who aspires to their levels of mastery and success. By choosing these gems, you’re not just collecting merchandise; you’re affirming your path to achieving your own goals.

Show off your fandom, wear your inspirations on your sleeve, and be the teammate everyone looks up to. Grab your set today and step into the world where every pin is a pledge to your relentless pursuit of victory!

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Enhance your cosplay experience with the TFBOYS badge, a symbol of your passion and connection to the vibrant world of anime and fandom. This small yet powerful accessory is your badge of honor, showcasing vividly the TFBOYS logo, sure to catch the eye of fellow enthusiasts and add that extra flair to your ensemble.

List of Included Items:
– TFBOYS designed badge
– Safety pin for attachment

Product Facts:
– Material: Durable ABS plastic with a smooth, polished surface
– Badge Diameter: Approximately 2.28 inches
– Attachment: Safety pin on the back
– Packaging: Individually packed in a PP bag
– Not waterproof, cartoon style

As you integrate this badge into your collection or fashion, let it be a testament to your individuality and the unspoken bond between fans. Wear it with pride, and let it spark conversations and connections at every turn. Remember to handle with care – while the safety pin makes it easy to attach, its sharp part requires mindful attention. Keep this treasure in pristine condition by avoiding water, and enjoy the empowerment it brings to every adventure in your cosplay journey.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz

Bachira, Barou, Chigiri, Isagi, Jinpachi Ego, Kunigami, Nagi, Reo

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