Cyberpunk Edgerunners David Martinez Yellow Jacket

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Step into the neon-soaked, gritty universe of Night City with the Cyberpunk Edgerunners Jacket—a relentless expression for the daring soul. Embody the essence of David Martinez with this iconic Yellow Jacket, crafted to ignite the fire of empowerment within. Don your gear with the confidence of the Cyberpunk anime’s most captivating characters, and revel in the precision stitching and electrifying hues that tell a tale of resilience and rebellion.

This jacket isn’t merely clothing—it’s your David Martinez cosplay, wrapping you in the spirit of adventure and the pure adrenaline rush of the game. As the epitome of Cosplay Apparel, every thread weaves a promise of quality and vibrant energy. Make this Cyberpunk Anime Costume your ally, and step forward into the world, not only styled with edgy charisma but armored in self-assurance. Be more than a fan—be a protagonist in your own epic.

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Embrace the streets of the future and unleash your inner edge walker with our Cyberpunk: Lucius David Cosplay Outfit. A fusion of punk flair and streetwise style, this ensemble is designed to envelop you in the essence of cyber roamer – an avatar of gaming and anime role-play.

Crafted from a blend of synthetic fibers and 80% polyester, the fabric promises durability and a sleek finish. Choose from a variety of options from the complete David set to the standalone printed jacket to create your perfect look. Each piece embodies the punk vibe with a distinct streetwear twist, perfect for conventions, theme parties, or just expressing your unique style.

Product Description:
– Fabric: Synthetic fiber blend
– Composition: 80% polyester
– Color: Available as the full David set (jacket + T-shirt + pants + belt + necklace)
– Size: Available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL
– Style: Punk, street fashion
– Special Design Elements: Inspired by Japanese anime

Included Items with the Full Set:
– 1 Jacket
– 1 T-shirt
– 1 Pair of Pants
– 1 Belt
– 1 Necklace

Empower your cosplay adventures and make a statement at your next event. Step into the future with confidence and style, making every moment of your cosplay experience phenomenal.

Sizing Information

Size Height (in) Shoulder (in) Bust (in) Waist (in) Hip (in)
S 64.2-65.7 16.5 31.5-33.1 26.0-27.6 32.3-33.5
M 66.1-67.7 17.3 33.5-35.0 28.0-29.5 33.9-35.0
L 68.1-69.7 17.7 35.4-36.6 29.9-31.1 35.4-36.6
XL 70.1-71.7 18.1 37.0-38.2 31.5-32.7 37.0-38.2
2XL 72.0-73.6 18.5 38.6-40.2 33.1-34.6 38.6-40.2

In choosing this cosplay, you’re not just dressing up, you’re stepping up. Wear it with the confidence of a true protagonist!

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